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"Do It Now" Bracelet


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We all think about doing things and then fail to follow through. We all have ideas that cross our mind, that we then allow to lie fallow. We all have lots of good intentions . . .  that we put off, and put off, and put off acting on. Every day we fall into bed disappointed that we didn't get done as much as we would have liked.

Unfortunately, without constant, small exertions of effort, your life will always tend towards chaos and regret. On a micro level (household chores, workplace to-dos), always doing right away the little things that need to get done will prevent them from piling up into a giant, overwhelming mess that can get your life off track, or, at the least, add unnecessary stress to it. On a macro level, acting on your ideas and intentions ensures you never have to ask, "What if?"

To remind yourself to always take action, adopt the principle of "Do It Now!" And to help you always keep that principle at the forefront of your mind, wear the "Do It Now!" bracelet. It will serve as a constant reminder to act without delay.

As soon as you’re finished using something, put it away. When you take off your clothes, put them in the hamper. When you drop something on the floor, pick it up.

As soon as something you need to do crosses your mind, take care of it immediately. When an idea pops into your brain, figure out the next action step, and then "Do It Now!"

By living this principle, you can easily keep your house, office, and life in order, live with a sense of peace and confidence, and continually move towards your goals.

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