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"If" Lapel Pin


There’s something in the masculine heart that calls men to explore the unknown. Researchers suggest that “something” is testosterone, and that potent hormone likely does play a role. But I’m too much of a Romantic to attribute the desire for adventure purely to biology.

I think what draws men to adventure is the same thing that makes Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” resonate across cultures and time. For Kipling, the only way you can “be a man, my son!” is by meeting challenges manfully. But the repetition of “If” throughout the poem reminds the reader that its promises are premised on seizing potential possibilities, ones that may not come to pass unless you embrace risk and take action.

What then is adventure but one giant “If” writ large?

Our "If" lapel will remind you to ever be striving towards something greater, and to accept the setbacks you encounter along your journeys with a steady heart. To ever seek to turn potential into reality in this adventure called life.

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