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Stay Manly Mug 15 oz. Etched Mug


Our Stay Manly mug is a virile reminder to always be the best man you can be and to keep a metaphorically hairy-chested, Theodore Rooseveltian, bear-wrestlin' attitude in a milk sop world. 

And it's built with that same attitude to match.

Like our original AoM mug, the Stay Manly mug is made of ceramic and is thick-walled to keep your soups, stews, and beverages hotter, longer. It weighs in at a hefty 1.3lbs and holds a healthy 15oz. Its vintage-shape and speckled finish is reminiscent of old diner mugs that brawny blue collar workers would have hefted while fueling their bodies for a hard day's work. And the large, three-finger handle makes for comfortable holding even for the most calloused and oversized mitts.

Emblazoned on the outside is the phrase "Stay Manly" designed to pay homage to old-time diners where the waitresses call you "hon" and the pancakes are the size of a grown man's head. And unlike most branded coffee mugs with a chintzy printed-on design, we’ve deep-etched our artwork right into the ceramic, giving it a unique look that will never fade with use or wash off over time. It’s destined to become a vessel of manliness that will be passed down for years to come.

Packaged and ready to gift. 

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