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Desperta Ferro T-shirt

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The Almogavars were warriors from Christian Iberia (what is now Spain and Portugal) during the 13th and 14th centuries. Assembled in small, autonomous groups, these legendary soldiers operated more like bands of outlaws than formal military units, and they had the grit and agility to match. Frontiersmen drawn from wild, mountainous regions, the Almogavars were marked by their ability to live on little, sleep out in the open, and go to war with the lightest of clothing and arms -- a practice that kept them quick and mobile and able to execute surprise raids and attacks. Renowned as some of the best infantrymen of the time, these guerrilla warriors were famous for their ferocity, discipline, fitness, and endurance.

The Almogavars were also known for their unique pre-battle ritual. Before launching an attack, which was typically conducted at night, they would shout “Desperta Ferro!” — meaning “Awaken Iron!” — while striking their knives and lances against a piece of flint to create a cascade of sparks. These fireworks exploded through the darkness, filling the warriors' hearts with thumos, and their enemies' with fear.

We’ve taken this manly battle cry and put it on a tee as a reminder to let the sparks of your spirit light up the darkness as you rouse the warrior within — perhaps while awakening the slumbering iron at the gym.

The shirt is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Graphic design by Tankfarm & Co.

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