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Ben Franklin's Virtues: 13 Week Journal With Updated Dimensions


Do you find it hard to stay organized and on task throughout the day? Do you wish you journaled more? Do you want to improve your character, and focus more on your long-term goals and values rather than unimportant daily minutiae?

We created this journal and weekly agenda for those who answer in the affirmative to any of those questions (including ourselves). The Ben Franklin’s Virtues Daily Record and Journal combines Franklin's daily schedule with the self-improvement chart he created for himself as a young man. The journal provides you an incredible tool to improve your life and develop upstanding character, while also getting you more focused and organized with your day-to-day tasks.

The journal is divided into 13 weeks -- one for each of Franklin’s virtues -- with each week containing an agenda and journal section for each day.  

The design of this heirloom-quality journal is inspired by both Ben Franklin’s original diary and his virtue charts. It’s printed on acid free paper in the United States and encased in a handsome leather journal cover that's handmade in Utah. The journal insert is replaceable, so once you've gone through one cycle of the virtues, you can begin anew and continue your journey towards personal excellence. Hold on to your old inserts as a record of your daily life and strivings during that period of your life.

The Virtue Chart
At the beginning of each week, you’ll find a page with a chart that lists all of the 13 virtues. The chart consists of a column for each day of the week and 13 rows marked with the first letter of each virtue. Every evening, you're invited to do a personal evaluation on how you lived the virtues. Place a dot next to each that you violated during the day. The goal is to minimize the number of marks you put in your charts, thus indicating your progress in cultivating upstanding character.

The Journal
Each day of the week has two pages. The page on the left is a daily agenda for you to plan out your day or to simply log what you did with each hour of that day. The page on the right is used for journaling and answering the questions Ben Franklin posed to himself each day in his diary: 1) What good shall I do this day? and 2) What good have I done today? The journal sparks an evening and morning reflection on these important questions.

If you've long wanted more motivation to be better and do more good in the world, get the journal to which Franklin said "he owed the constant felicity of his life."

Size: 5" x 6.5"

Note: Natural variations in the leather occur and should be expected.

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