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Morale Patch Bundle

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Get all four morale patches at a 20% discount by buying them in a bundle!

"If" Morale Patch

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's poem "If," our "If" morale patch will remind you to ever be striving towards something greater, and to accept the setbacks you encounter along your journeys with a steady heart. To ever seek to turn potential into reality in this adventure called life.

2" x 3" embroidered morale patch with velcro backing.

Fight in the Shade Morale Patch

During the Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartan 300 and the Persians, a Spartan warrior complained to King Leonidas that "Because of the arrows of the barbarians (Persians) it is impossible to see the sun.” To which Leonidas responded with: "Won't it be nice, then, if we shall have shade in which to fight them?”

Our Fight in the Shade Morale Patch is inspired by these immortal words from King Leonidas. It’s a reminder both to keep fighting even when the odds are long and the going will be tough, and that you have the power to turn every obstacle into an aid towards victory. 

2" x 3" embroidered morale patch with velcro backing.

Gentleman Barbarian Morale Patch

Our Gentleman Barbarian morale patch will inspire you to ever seek to become the complete man: one who has circumscribed both the soft and hard virtues into a unified whole. Put it on your ruck pack or chest kit as a reminder that every man needs to be physically strong enough, and mentally tough enough, to protect his loved ones, principles, and the civilized virtues.

Be a gentleman. And a scholar. And a beast.

Woven 2.5" long patch with velcro backing. 

John L. Sullivan Morale Patch

Show you're an Art of Manliness Man amongst the men in your platoon or out on the range with the John L. Sullivan embroidered morale patch. Features John L. in his famous bareknuckled boxing pose ready to "beat any son of a bitch in the house." 

2" x 3" embroidered morale patch with velcro backing.

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