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Jack London T-shirt


By age 40, Jack London had seen and done more than 99% of men will in their entire lifetime.

As a young man, London worked in a cannery, electrical plant, and laundry facility, taught himself to sail, became an oyster pirate, traveled the Pacific aboard a seal-hunting schooner, and ventured into the Klondike in search of gold. 

Though he didn't finish high school, he became a voracious autodidact, taught himself to write through disciplined practice, and went on to become the bestselling author of classics like Call of the Wild and White Fang, alongside 20 other books, 200 short stories, and 400 non-fiction pieces.

Because of his love for the wild and adventure -- his relentless pursuit of what he called “the primordial vigor of life" -- and the ferocity with which he tackled all his goals, London's friends called him "the wolf." Jack incorporated this nickname into his "bookplate" -- the symbol he stamped into the many books in his personal library.

Jack's symbol now adorns the front of this one-of-a-kind Art of Manliness t-shirt. On the back is a line from his inspiring credo: "I'd rather be ashes than dust." This is the tee for all those who subscribe to Jack's maxim that “Satisfaction with existing things is damnation" and who seek to make the most of life's "adventure path."

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