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The Magnum Detective's Wallet

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The Detective's Wallet. Upgraded.

The Magnum Detective's Wallet has the same design as our best-selling Detective's Wallet, but comes in a luxurious black chromexcel leather made by Horween Tannery. Chromexcel leather has a high grease/oil content, giving it a nice shine. It's the type of leather used in high-end dress shoes like Allen Edmonds and Wolverine 1000 Mile boots. As you use your wallet, the chromexcel leather will develop a rugged, yet refined look. Think a well-worn vintage leather motorcycle jacket. 

The Magnum Detective's Wallet is made in the USA. It comes with a small-pocket Moleskine notebook and Fisher Bullet Space Pen to jot your notes and observations.

Etched on the inside right cover of the wallet you’ll find a quote from one of the cleverest, most perceptive detectives of all time, Sherlock Holmes: "I have trained myself to notice what I see.” It’s a constant reminder to have a keen eye and always observe your surroundings so that you can better solve the mysteries that you’ll encounter in this story called life.


  • Closed Empty: 9.5cm X 12cm X 1.2cm
  • Open Empty: 18cm X 12cm X 0.9cm
  • Closed Full: 1.7cm thick (10 cards, 5 in front and 5 behind notebook)

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