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Leashing the Black Dog: A Guidebook to Understanding and Managing Male Depression


Depression isn’t something a lot of men like to talk about because in the modern West it is seen as a weakness, and a man isn’t supposed to be weak. What’s more, men are generally less apt to talk about how they’re feeling than women are. We’re more action-oriented and externally-driven, and pay less attention to what’s going on within.

But a lot of men are silently suffering. They’re tired of feeling numb inside. Suicide, a common outcome among people (especially men) experiencing severe depression, has been on the uptick since 2000. Of all the people who committed suicide in 2013, 77% were men. It’s a problem that hits men the hardest, but no one is talking about it that much.

In Leashing the Black Dog: A Guidebook to Understanding and Managing Male Depression, AoM Editor-in-Chief Brett McKay shares his personal struggle with depression and takes readers on a journey to understanding how to leash what Winston Churchill called "the Black Dog."

In this 65-page ebook, you'll learn:

  • The surprising history of depression
  • What causes depression
  • The symptoms of depression in men
  • Action-oriented, researched-back steps you can take to manage your depression

This book doesn't promise a cure to depression (which doesn't exist), but will empower individuals to put a leash on their own black dog.

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