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Jumpstart Journal: 31 Days of Guided Journaling


Many men are aware of the numerous benefits that come with journaling (research has shown it improves both emotional and physical health), but few do so to the extent that they would like.

And the main reason why? A simple lack of direction.

When presented with a totally blank slate — that open journal, with pen in hand, and nothing but white pages — we freeze up. We don’t know what to write about.

The Jumpstart Journal removes this barrier by taking care of the what entirely.

Inside its pages, you’ll find a clear roadmap to journaling: 31 prompts – 31 questions that offer guidance as to what to write about that day. Answer each prompt when the mood strikes, or take the true "Jumpstart Journal Challenge" by doing one prompt a day for 31 consecutive days.

Maybe this journal will act as your launching pad into a lifelong journaling habit. Maybe you’ll do a new one once a year, every year. Or perhaps you’ll leave journaling behind after it’s finished. Either way, it will jumpstart 31 days of reflection, and you’ll always have this record of how you felt about various aspects of your life – a snapshot of one moment along its journey. You’ll surely want to look back on it in the years to come to see what you were thinking at the time, and how you’ve changed.

 5” x 7”

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